Student Collaborators

Undergraduate Students

Kelly-Ann BlakeKellyann Portrait 021, undergraduate independent study student, 2015-2016.

Research interests include language processing, prediction and mindfulness mediation studies.  More broadly, I am interested in ways to improve language and reading comprehension.







Sonia Michniewicz, undergraduate research assistant, 2015-2016.

I am interested in the clinical and research aspects of communication disorders, especially audiology. I also have a passion for languages and cross-cultural communication variation.





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Cristina Feraru, undergraduate research assistant, 2015-2016

I am interested in the interaction between linguistics, cognitive science, and psychology. Particularly, I would like to do future research in the area of language acquisition and variationist sociolinguistics. 




Daria Kotcherova, undergraduate research assistant, 2015-2016

I am doing a major in linguistics and minors in Italian and French. I really enjoy learning languages, which is why I chose those areas of study. I also really enjoy psychology, especially social psychology. 

Graduate StudentsHGR 2 (2)

Ruth Maddeaux, Generals Paper Student, 2016

I’m interested in how experimental methods can reveal speakers’ implicit knowledge about language. In particular, I’m working on issues surrounding the processing of presuppositional information.





374_murph126Patrick Murphy, Generals Paper student, 2015-2016

Speech perception is the focus of my research. I’m especially interested in how perception is influenced by phonotactic restrictions, allophony/contrast, orthography, and linguistic experience (not just exposure to different languages, but also different dialects in the same language). My recent research has looked at these in French. In addition, I have a growing interest in the syntactic side of psycholinguistics.